Senior Editor

Associated Vertigo Titles: 100 Bullets, Preacher
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics:
1994 – 2000.

Axel Alonso joined Vertigo comics in 1994. A lot like his soon-to-be boss, Karen Berger, Alonso was an outsider to the comic book world when he joined Veritgo Comics having come from the world of journalism. He did not come to DC Comics hoping for a career in comics and applied on a whim, seeing an ad in the New York Times.

He brought with him a love for true crime and pulp noir, which worked as he soon found himself working on titles such as Preacher and 100 Bullets. It would be during his time that Vertigo would transition into being more than just a place for horror and fantasy, and would branch into the world of crime and drama.

Alonso would leave Vertigo comics in 2000, for Marvel Comics where he would become Senior Editor. He would later go on to become Editor-in-Chief and would bring with him many of the comic book creators that he had worked with during his time at Vertigo Comics.

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