When Vertigo Comics’ first came to fruition in 1993 it caught the industry by storm. Its original books, had a sense of horror and fantasy that ran through many of them. Sandman, in particular, the story of an anthropomorphic deity and his siblings, dealt with many elements of Fantasy and Horror as this god-like character worked to regain his lost throne in his series of books.

Sandman and the other original Vertigo titless would all hold mature themes of Fantasy and Horror. Pre-Vertigo these titles would be known as the Bergerverse due to their ties to original Editor and Vertigo Founder Karen Berger.

Neil Gaimen’s Sandman would go on to last 75 issues for Vertigo Comics. As one of the headliners of Vertigo Comics, Sandman and Gaimen’s cast of characters would become synonymous with the Vertigo brand and make their appearances felt at almost every anniversary from The Sandman: Endless Nights Graphic Novel that would premiere at Vertigo Comics’ 10-year anniversary, to The Sandman Universe of Books that would run after Vertigo’s Demise.

Sandman was not the only Fantasy book by Vertigo Comics however. Throughout the years Vertigo Comics would find themselves home to a number of Fantasy and Horror books, including Fables a series about folklore character living in everyday life and American Vampire, a series about a new type of Vampires out in the 19th-century mid-west.

Did you know?

Prominent Vertigo titles that featured themes of Fantasy and Horror include: Sandman, Fables, Sweettooth, iZombie, American Vampire