Vertigo Comics would not be what it is today without its editors. Writers and Artists often get a lot of attention, as the creators for books but the Editors of Vertigo comics helped define the genre for years to go.

None paved the way for the job at Vertigo Comics like Karen Berger. Berger, Vertigo’s first top Editor was not a superhero fan and instead often choose fantasy stories over stories of people wearing underwear over their clothes. An eye for fantasy would help her craft stories with British storytellers who wanted to create something new instead of retelling the same typical superhero story that had been told numerous times over. 

Other Editors would join Berger and also share in the love, of unconventional comic books. Editors such as Will Dennis, Shelly Bond, and Axel Alonso, would go on to bring their own flair to the comic book industry bringing their own personal passions to projects in the Vertigo line. 

Beyond shaping storytelling though, Vertigo Editors who go on to serve as recruiters for the imprint who would loften craft relationships with young Writers and Artists, who were not yet household names. They would help shape these Creatives and guide them in telling their stories.

Without the modern Vertigo Editor, comics would not be what they were today. Vertigo would go on to have three top Editors in Karen Berger, Shelly Bond, and Will Dennis.