(Writer: Garth Ennis. Artist Steve Dillon.)

Preacher is an acclaimed comic book series by writer Garth Ennis and Artist Steve Dillon. The story stars Preacher Jesse Custer who one day while preaching in Amiville, Texas gets fused with Genesis the love-Creation between an Angel and a Demon.

Shortly after being fused with Genesis, Jesse Custer goes in search of God who he learns has left his post in Heaven. Along the way, he meets his former girlfriend Tulip O’hare and Vampire Cassidy, who join him on his road trip. Along the way, they meet Arseface, a man with an arseface, Herr Starr a German Operative who works for the Religious organization the Grail, and the Saint of Killers a the Patron of Murdered Saints.

Collected Editions
Preacher: Book One
Preacher: Book Two
Preacher: Book Three
Preacher: Book Four
Preacher: Book Five
Preacher: Book Six

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