When Vertigo Comics first started in the 1993, it was no surprise that it was filled with early Superhero books. After all it was spun out of DC Comics, a comic book imprint most famous for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

The initial 6 books of Vertigo Comics referenced more DC Superheroes than they did the Creator Owned stories that would later take over Vertigo Comics. These books featured superheroes, or often anti-heroes, in their stories such as Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and the Doom Patrol fighting for good causes but with more mature storylines. The initial premise after the original 6-books , was that Vertigo would release a new Creator-Owned book and in conjunction a new book that featured a new twist on an old Character. However after the years went one, Vertigo became more new characters than old characters.

Vertigo’s evolution to creator-owned, maybe one of the reasons why DC Comics took a swing and acquired Wildstorm comics in the late 1990s after realizing that Vertigo had shifted away from its original premise. By the time the character Hellblazer left Vertigo Comics and re-entered into the mainstream DC Universe, he would be the only last Superhero character still being printed by Vertigo Comics.

Vertigo would even go as far as trying another adult imprint, with Gerald Way and Animal Man in late 2016.

Did you know?
Prominent Vertigo titles that featured themes of Superheroes include: Animal Man, Hellblazer, Black Orchid, Swamp Thing