(Writer: Brian Azzarello. Artist Eduardo Risso.)

100 Bullets is an acclaimed crime comic book series by the team of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso. Taking place in a gritty and pulp world, the story stars an ensemble cast of criminals and the world’s elite, who are all jockeying for power. As the fighting continues, one man arrives with an untraceable gun and a 100 untraceable bullets, and asks the question “what would you do with this power?”

But when a series of characters such as Isabelle “Dizzy” Cordova start to question the matter of the guns and how they appeared, a conspiracy starts to unfold that brings the criminals that are as old as America itself. Now with a bunch of shady characters popping up around every corner, the question of who is really in control of everything starts to mount and every question has to question their allegiance in this story from Writer Brian Azzarello and Artist Eduardo Risso.

Collected Editions
100 Bullets: Book 1
100 Bullets: Book 2
100 Bullets: Book 3
100 Bullets: Book 4
100 Bullets: Book 5
100 Bullets: Book 6
100 Bullets: Book 7
100 Bullets: Book 8
100 Bullets: Book 9

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A 100 Bullets video was in the works but was later canceled by video game publisher Acclaim.