(Writer: Chris Roberson. Artist Various.)

In 2010, Chris Roberson and Mike Allred gave us a look at the ultimate teen zombie in iZombie. Originally spinning out of a short story in House of Mystery, iZombie gives us the look of what would happen if a teenage girl were a zombie.

Starring Gwen Dylan, a teenage gravedigger and zombie, who needs to eat a brain once a month at least once a month to keep her intelligence as well as her memories. The eating of the brains comes with it, the memories of the person leaving Gwen and her friends an including Ellie a 1960’s ghost, on missions and detective stories to solve the brain’s owner’s last daying wishes.

Collected Editions
iZombie Vol 1: Dead to World
iZombie Vol 2: uVampire
iZombie Vol 3: Six Feet Under & Rising
iZombie Vol 4: Repossessed

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