Associated Vertigo Titles: The Sandman. Death. Shade the Changing Man. Fables
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics:
 1993 – 2015.

Mark Buckingham began work in 1987, for British Magazine the Truth where he would meet Neil Gaimen and draw a few of Gaimen’s articles. He would later join Gaimen in the follow up to Alan Moore’s Marvelman, serving as Gaimen’s artist from issue 17 to 24.

Buckingham would go on to be a part of Vertigo at intial creator lineup. He would join Gaimen on Death: the High Cost of Living, a Sandman miniseries and first original miniseries for the new Vertigo imprint. With Death Buckingham and Gaimen, would get critical acclaim helping put Vertigo on the map. A follow up to the Death: The High Cost of Living would be produced by the same creative team the following year, Death: The Time of Your Life.

After work on the Death miniseries, Buckingham would work on a number of titles including Shade: The Changing Man and Mortigan Goth: Immortalis for rival Marvel UK.

In 2002, Buckingham would partner with Writer Bill Willingham for Willingham’s new title Fables. Telling the story of Fairy Tale characters living in the modern world, or Fables as they referred to themselves as, Fables would last for 150 issue with 110 of them featuring art by Buckingham. Fables would go on to win numerous awards, including an Eisner for Buckingham and Inker Steve Leiahola as best Writer/Artist team.

Buckingham would soon take a break from comics work, returning in 2022 with Willingham for a return of Fables.

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