Associated Vertigo Titles: Hellblazer, Preacher
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics:
 1991 – 2003.

Northern Irishman Garth Ennis got his start in comic books in 1989, with the series Trouble Souls with friend John McCrae but it would not be until he joined DC Comics that his reputation for black humor and over the top violence would catch on.

Garth Ennis would join Vertigo, as part of the British Invasion. He would join English Writers such as Neil Gaimen and Grant Morrison, that would join DC in the late 80s and early 2000ss. Garth’s first work for Vertigo would be taking over HellBlazer from Writer Jamie Delano. It would be during this time that Ennis would meet long-term collaborator Steve Dillon.

While still working on HellBlazer, Ennis along with Dillon, would go on to create Preacher for Vertigo Comics. Based on Ennis’ thoughts on religion, Preacher would become a surprise hit as readers were taken on a road trip with star character Jesse Custer, in his pursuit of God. Preacher would go on to be a surprise hit for Vertigo Comics and would last 66 issues.

Shortly after Preacher’s end, Ennis would find himself leaving Vertigo’s creative-owned world with Dillon and given a shot to resurrect Marvel Comics Punisher character.

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