Associated Vertigo Titles: Transmetropolitan
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics:
 1997 – 2002.

Darick Robertson would create his first comic book character Space Beaver at the age of 17, and would go on to work for both Marvel and DC afterwards. It would not be until he reached Malibu Comics, however, that his start started to shine.

It would be during his time at Malibu Comics that he would be partnered with Writer Warren Ellis however, his star would shine. Ellis enjoyed working with Robertson at Malibu and would immediately call on the artist when his pitch for a new book for DC’s science fiction line Helix was greenlit.

Warren Ellis’s and Darick Robertson’s book would hit the ground running at Helix, however, it would be short lived as the imprint would closed less than a year into their run and their book would move to Vertigo. Under Vertigo Transmetropolitan seemed like an outlier, as the book was not supernatural nor fantasy in nature but that did not stop the creators or the title. Transmetropolitan would gain an audience in the trade paperback market and become a hit for the imprint.

After the 60th issue hit, Robertson would find himself being recruited for Marvel Comics by ex-Vertigo Editor Axel Alonso. There he would go on to partner with ex-Vertigo Writer Garth Ennis. It would be during this time that the two would eventually go on to develop the Boys.

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