(Writer: Warren Ellis. Artist Darick Robertson.)

Transmetropolitan is fantasy and science fiction comicbook, created by Writer Warren Ellis and Artist Darick Robertson. Taking place in the future, Transmetropolitan opens with our Main Character and Writer Spider Jerusalem being contacted by his Publisher demanding that Spider finishes out his Writing contract that includes two books he never delivered.

Knowing that he has to finish out his contract, Spider descends and moves back into the city where he left years ago hoping to fulfill his contract. What follows Spider is a story that includes, Presidential corruption, Transhumanism, and the consumption of drugs.

Collected Editions
Transmetropolitan: Book 1
Transmetropolitan: Book 2
Transmetropolitan: Book 3
Transmetropolitan: Book 4

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Did You Know?
Transmetropolitan was not initially a Vertigo book and was in fact, a part of DC’s Helix science fiction line. Helix however only lasted two years and officially closed as an imprint in 1998. Transmetropolitan would then see issues 13 – 60, published under the Vertigo imprint.