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Animal Man may have been created in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until Scottish Man Grant Morrison took over the title that Animal Man became a household name.

Animal Man tells the story of Movie Stuntman Buddy Baker, who is given Animal themed powers by Aliens. Under Morrison and later by writers Paul Milligan and James Delano, Buddy Baker would go on to become an everyday man who fought beside Superheroes and would fight aliens. It was during the early 90s and his Vertigo years, that Animal Man would slowly morph into an adult title often championing Animals Rights and Vegetarianism. James Delano would go on to mix horror elements into the series and even kill off title character Buddy Baker, as the book shifted into a Vertigo book title in the early 90s.

Collected Editions
Animal Man (1988- 1995) Vol 1.
Animal Man (1988- 1995) Vol 2. Origin of the Species
Animal Man (1988- 1995) Vol 3: Deus Ex Machina
Animal Man (1988- 1995) Vol 4: Born to be Wild
Animal Man (1988 -1995) Vol 5: The Meaning of Flesh

Other Media

An all-ages version of Animal Man has appeared as a guest character in various DC Universe media including Teen Titans Go and Justice Legue Unlimited.


Animal Man was one of a number of titles that were moved over to the Vertigo line due to it’s adult content, after originally being published under the DC Comics banner.