Associated Vertigo Titles: American Vampire
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics: 2011 – 2016.

Writer Scott Snyder would see his first published literary work be a collection of storys called Voodoo heart. Voodoo Heart would capture a lot of attention, from writers including Stephen King who would pick up two stories from Voodoo Heart for The Best American Short Stories Anthology.

After Voodoo Heart, Snyder would find himself at Marvel Comics writing a Human Torch one-shot and then Iron Man Noir miniseries. It would be shortly after this, that he would find himself over at Vertigo Comics.

In 2010, Snyder would find himself over at Vertigo Comics where he would be partnering with Stephen King to launch American Vampire. American Vampire would feature vampires reimagined as having different species and would go on to track their progress in various moments of American history. American Vampire received high praise and would serve as the last Vertigo hit, before the imprint folded.

Snyder would eventually transition to a mainstream DC Comics writer as American Vampire came to an end. He would go on to be considered the quintessential 2000’s Batman Writer having taken over the book in 2011 and would go on to create the Dark Nights: Metal line of characters.

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