Associated Vertigo Titles: Shade: The Changing Man. Hellblazer. Human Target
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics: 1993 – 1996. 2002 – 2005. 2008 – 2016.

Peter Milligan would initially go to art school, but would soon transition into Writing and spend most of his 1980’s bouncing around as a comic book Writer for Artists such as Brendan McCarthy, Brett Ewins, and Jim McCarthy.

By 1989, Milligan would join DC Comics alongside fellow Brits in what would soon be dubbed the British Invasion. His first work a 6-issue miniseries called Skreemer , would tell a dark post-apocalyptic story. The story would gain high praise in the comic book industry but would have issues selling.

Milligan would eventually though find a small hit in Shade: The Changing Man. Based on a character, originally created by comic book legend Steve Ditko, Shade would feature a protagonist a bit darker than the average DC Comics superhero and would eventually be one of the 6 Vertigo launch books.

After the closure of Shade: The Changing Man. Milligan would return to Vertigo Comics numerous times before it’s eventual end writing such Titles as the Human Target and Hell Blazer.

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