Writer. Artist.

Associated Vertigo Titles: The Nobody, Sweet Tooth
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics: 2009 – 2013

Jeff Lemire would get into comic books after initially pursuing a career in filmmaking. He would initially find a home at To Shelf Productions and seralized magazine UR Magazine for his work.

In 2009, Lemire would find find his way to Vertigo Comics with The Nobody. The Nobody would be a 144-page graphic novel that would be written and drawn by Lemire. It would be a retelling of the Invisible Man, as a drifter character who entered into a small fishing tale.

Later in 2009, Lemire would launch Sweet Tooth another book that he would both write and draw himself. Sweet Tooth would last for 40 issues and tell the coming of age story of a boy, named Gus who was a human/animal hybrid. After Gus’ father passes away, he begins on a quest to make it to the sanctuary a place where his kind can survive. Along Gus’ adventure, he finds danger and friends at every turn. Sweet Tooth would be a critical hit for Lemire and would end up being one of Vertigo’s last big hits.

In late 2010, Lemire would continue to write Sweet Tooth but would find himself signing an exclusive contract for DC Comics where he would move over to work on mainstream titles such as Animal Man an Superboy.

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