Associated Vertigo Titles: The Invisibles, SeaGuy, We3
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics: 1999 – 2015.

Scottish Writer Grant Morrison would join DC Comics in the late 80s as part of the British Invasion and much of his early work and would go on to revitalize a number of heroes including Animal Man and Doom Patrol. It would be during this early years, that his work as well as others would lay the ground work of Vertigo Comics.

Morrison would eventually see a bunch of their early work including Sebastion O and Kill Your Boyfriend. It would not be until the Invisibles that Morrison would have his first full title be published under the imprint however.

With the Invisibles, Morrison would create a secret organization that would battle the forces of evil using time travel, magic, and physical force. Though the book was not initially a hit, it continued to gain steam like most Vertigo books as a Trade paperback. It also did not help that at the time Morrison would go on to start working DC Superhero book Justice League.

After the Invisibles, Morrison would depart from Vertigo working exclusively in the DC Comics Universe for a short time before leaving DC’s flagship titles for Marvel Comics in 2001 and helping lead a revitalization of the XMen.

Despite the fact that they were writing Xmen for rival Marvel Comics, Morrison would return to Vertigo in 2002 to write a number of miniseries and graphic novels including SeaGuy, We3, and Vinmarna.

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