Associated Vertigo Titles: DMZ, Northlanders
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics: 2005 – 2011.

Brian Wood had been an independent comic book writer and artist, who along with artist Becky Cloonan gained notoriety, and created the anthology series DEMO before he joined DC. DEMO caught the eyes of DC Comics who immediately signed Wood to an exclusive contract.

Wood would find himself working on a number of books initially, for DC Comics before pitching DMZ in 2005, which would find Wood being reunited with Cloonan. Originally pitched as a 5-issue series, DMZ would go on to develop as a 72-issue series for Vertigo comics.

In 2006, Wood would launch his second title for Vertigo titles Northlanders, which featured a street-level look at early day Vikings.

Despite Wood being one of the featured Writers for Vertigo during the late 2000s, he would eventually leave and find himself at rival Marvel in 2012.

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