Associated Vertigo Titles: Y: The Last Man, Pride of Baghdad
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics: 2002 – 2008.

Brian K. Vaughan entered comic books in 1996 for Marvel Comics, but he would soon find himself gravitating to working on characters that he had created.

Y: The Last Man would be the first in a number of new characters and universes that Biran K. Vaughan would create over his career. Created in 2002, Y would tell the story of Yorick Brown the last human being with a Y Chromosome. The book would go on to last for 60 issues and win a number of literary awards for Vaughan and artist Pia Guerra.

Vaughan would also go on to work on both a relaunch of Swamp Thing lasting only 20 issues and a graphic novel Pride of Baghdad before leaving Vertigo for other creative-owned imprints. Pride of Baghdad however would follow up the award wins, for Y: the Last Man. Cementing Vaughan’s legacy in creative owned work.

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