Associated Vertigo Titles: Fables, Jack of Fables
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics: 1999 – 2015.

Bill Willingham had been a Writer and Artist since the 1970s before he made his first forray into the comic book business in the 1980s.

Willingham would see his first work published in Vertigo in 1999, with Proposition Player. During the early 2000’s he would go on to work on a number of Sandman properties including The Dreaming and Sandman Presents. It would not be until 2003 however that Willingham would make himself a household comic book name with Fables and its later spinoffs, however.

Through Fables, Willingham would go on to tell the story of what it would be like if Fairy Tale and Folklore characters lived in the modern age. He would win an Eisner on his run for the book.

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