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Doom Patrol has always starred a group of deformed misfits but under Writers Grant Morrison and Rachel Pollack, they tended to take Doom Patrol to the extreme which made sense of why it was moved over to the Vertigo line with issue #64.

Both Morrison and Pollack would take Doom Patrol in new places and take on more mature stories including dealing with trends of bisexuality, identity, and transgender issues.

Doom Patrol stars a group of misfit heroes who have found themselves alienated from the rest of the world, including Robotman, a hero trapped in a robot body, Negative Man, a pilot who becomes radioactive, and Elasti-Girl, a gold medalist Swimmer who finds herself with the ability to shrink or expand her body at will.

Collected Editions
Doom Patrol(1987-1995): Book One
Doom Patrol(1987-1995): Book Two
Doom Patrol(1987-1995): Book Three

In the Media

Doom Patrol would make its way onto the TV via DC Universe’s parent company, Warner Brothers streaming service HBOMax.

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