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Lucifer debuted in Sandman in 1989 and would later get his own spinoff in Lucifer a comic book written by Mike Carey in 2000 and would last for 75 issues, before getting rebooted into the proper DC Universe.

The Lucifer book would star title character Lucifer as he has abandoned the afterlife and runs a piano bar named Lux in Los Angeles. The book would often delve into the power of free will, as Lucifer himself would reject god’s rule and moral philosophy. The series itself would parallel its counterpart The Sandman, in it’s storytelling by using big elaborate story arcs that would then be separated by one-shot episodes depicting a smaller, more personal tale.

Collected Editions
Lucifer Omnibus vol 1. (Sandman Universe Classics)
Lucifer Omnibus vol 2. (Sandman Universe Classics)

In the Media

Lucifer would beat Sandman and many of his other Vertigo counterparts, to the small screen when he got his own show on Fox in 2016. The show would last three seasons before getting canceled, where it would then be picked up by Netflix for 3 more seasons.


When Vertigo Comics was cancelled in 2019, Lucifer didn’t immediately move over to the DC Universe proper instead being it was published as a member of the mini-Sandman imprint under DC Black Label called Sandman Universe Comics.