Associated Vertigo Titles: Sandman. Death: The High Cost of Living. Books of Magic
Years Associated with Vertigo Comics: 1993 – 1996. 2018 – 2019.

After creating a friendship with Comic Book Writer Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman would transfer from a career in Journalism to a career in comic books. Gaiman would go on to write a number of UK titles including Miracleman, Future Shocks, and the Tragical Comedy or Comedical Tragedy of Mr. Punch before making his way to DC Comics as part of the British Invasion.

Gaiman would go on to write the miniseries Black Orchid for DC Comics but it would be Gaiman’s follow up to Black Orchid that would change his career. The Sandman would last 75, issues and serve as a turning point not just for Gaiman but for DC Comics as a whole. Telling the story of the anthromorphic diety Dream, The Sandman would go on to win to win praise from audiences of all type and would numerous awards.

Sandman which was edited by Editor Karen Berger, would also help spearhead the launch of Vertigo Comics. Though the first 46 issues would be published under DC Comics, it would later transition at issue 47 into Vertigo comics and serve as the flagship title for the line until it’s end. Sandman’s first spinoff, Death: the High Cost of Living, would even be the imprint’s first miniseries.

Shortly after the end of Sandman, Gaimen would mostly leave comics turning to work in literary and even radio. He would even work with rival comics on a miniseries 1602. He would however make sporadic returns, working with DC on various anniversaries of his Sandman character even returning shortly before Vertigo’s end to create his own subimprint, The Sandman Universe.

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